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Here comes the gang!.

I witnessed something which i found rather chilling and scary. Had gone to CP for a stroll. I heard the sounds of drums, and trumpets. I thought that it was some army band playing in the central park and did not pay much attention. But then I saw columns of young boys and men marching with military precision clad in black caps, white shirts and newly acquired brown trousers. They marched unflinchingly in a pouring and chilling rain without any rain gear or even woolen cloths.

The similarities are very obvious with what happened in Nazi Germany not so long ago. One knows what the German boys and young men were indoctrinated into. One can only hope for the best and pray that these marching columns of Indians will end up unlike their unfortunate German counterparts.

This part, how did these guys get permission to march through heart of Delhi on 26th January when there is highest security and the area is under section 144 which prohibits assembly of 4 or more people.Who gave them permission. Delhi Police obviously. And one knows how our DP operates and under whose command it functions

Prayers for this land of ours…

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